2nd Best Ninja (duff_man10) wrote,
2nd Best Ninja

Well, I'm sure this update will have me listed as updating at about 1:40 Thursday morning. However, here in Honolulu, it's about 8:43 as I sit at the airport terminal here awaiting my plane. I've only got 4 and a half minutes of internet access left so I'll keep this brief (please pardon any spelling and punctuation errors as a result).

To those in band, I hope you all had a wonderful time sweating it out as I relaxed on the beaches of this tropical paradise. Not to rub it in, but it's amazing here. The Japanese culture is so thick it's almost like going to East Asia except without having to leave the country. Bargaining with street vendors is a blast and it appears there's almost no age restriction for ANYTHING. Plenty of stories to tell in case anyone is interested...but my time is running short. I'll be home tomorrow (Thursday) evening (airport delays and all aside) and will have to report to band camp first thing the following morning I assume.

To those that requested a souvenier, I believe I've got you all covered.

30 seconds left. Bye everyone. Leave a comment and I'll see you in a day, L town
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