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So....I'm 18 now...I guess that means now if I screw up, I'll get sued instead of my parents. That sucks. Taking responsibility for my own actions? Why, I'm from Louisiana, I don't know what that means!

School finally starts tomorrow. For the past week or so I've been anticipating it, damn near begging for it to come...now I could use some more vacation. I'm not sure I even remember my schedule anymore.

Nah...I take that back. I look forward to senior year; and I look forward to lives returning to normal. A normal, care-free senior year would be nice. But hey, at least I have my house, who am I to complain?

John Maikell - I hope you're okay. Let me know what your living plans are as well as if you still need a ride to school?

Amanda Chester - Hanging out at your house is cool. It should be done more often. Preferably with poker occurring as well.

Tina the Tiger(gaygay) - I'm only updating because you so strongly insist. You should be feeling special right about now.

Jasper Fahrig III - Let's cut the crap. We've lost weeks of practice time. Make everyone happy and kick Rosey's ass and go back to the old sets of the show.
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